Index to Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in the State of Ohio
Including Miscellaneous States

Abbott - Ayers
Babbet - Byxbe
Cable - Cutter
Dague to Dye
Earl - Eyman
Fairchild - Fuson
Gabriel - Gwinnup
Hackett - Hyde
Iden - Kyle
Lacey - Lyons
MacLachlan - Nye
O'Brien - Quinn
Radabach - Rynierson
Sabin - Symes
Tait - Utter
Valentine - Zuck
States Other Than Ohio

The data in this index was extracted, primarily from the 1929 DAR compiled publication "The Official Roster Of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried In The State of Ohio" and  contributions received from SAR Members, friends and other interested individuals.  Photos and Grave Registry forms will be added as they become available.  To report errors, ask questions, or make contributions, please contact Compatriot Troy Bailey at

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